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Our Dear Dark Mountain


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  1. Reels: The Humours of Aughnashalvey / The Emyvale Reel / Séamus Mór McKenna.
  2. Flings / Hornpipe: Owen Connolly’s Fling / John Joe McElroy’s Fling / Mick Rooney’s Hornpipe.
  3. Jigs: Boys of Carrickroe / Knockatallon Cross / The Setting Sun.
  4. Lullaby: Lullaby for Irish Pipes.
  5. Song: My Charming Edward Boyle.
  6. Reel: McKenna’s Reel / Jack’s Alive / McKenna’s No.2.
  7. Reels: Miss Mullen / The Green Cockade / Margot Jackson.
  8. Hornpipe / Jigs: Mick Rooney’s Hornpipe / The Monaghan Scutcher / When you come home, you’ll get it, you’ll get it
  9. Reels: O’Connell’s / Norah of the Glen / Francie McKenna’s
  10. Jigs: Lord Rossmore’s Tally-Ho in the Morning / Eddie Curran’s / The Roving Lads of Dava
  11. Hornpipes:The Kingston Hornpipe / The Thresher Hornpipe
  12. Reel: The Granshaw Boys / The Three County Hollow / The Sporting Lads of Scotstown.
  13. Song:The Maid of Sweet Kilmore.
  14. Hornpipe / Reels:Mick Rooney’s / Before Owen Connolly’s Time / The Cadgers Reel.
  15. Flings:A Truagh Clog Dance / John Joe McElroy’s.


“A fascinating musical project … beautifully rendered … the reflection of a musical community rallying around and exploring a shared and underrecognized identity” (Dan Neely, Irish Echo)

“Our Dear Dark Mountain with the Sky Over It has a charm and depth that’s incomparable. It’s easy to hear the musicians’ emotional attachment bursting through on this very important collection.” (John Carty, TG4 Musician of the Year 2003)

“Musically it is a revelation and could quite easily become album of the year … An outstanding recording of traditional music.” (Tony Lawless, TradConnect)

“A revivified local accent and an intensely populated repertoire underpin this finely executed collection: a feast for local and curious eared visitor alike.” (Siobhán Long, The Irish Times ****)

Our Dear Dark Mountain With the Sky Over It is the musical outcome of what must have been some fascinating research for Séan McElwain into a corner of his native Monaghan … but there is nothing academic or precious about it.  Our Dear Dark Mountain is not a re-enactment of dear dead days in Sliabh Breagh but rather a modern celebration of its music and musicians. (Phil Heath Coleman, Musical Traditions)

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